What You as a Community Member Can Do About Bullying

By: Stopbullying.gov and Diana L. Keeler

As an adult in the community, you play an important role in ensuring all children are safe from bullying. Whether you work in law enforcement, mental health services, community or youth organizations, or any other role that works with children, there are resources to help you take action against bullying.

First, understanding what bullying is and what it is not is critical in forming bullying prevention strategies. It is also good to know what your state’s laws are about bullying. Some laws, such as in Washington, D.C., cover community organizations as well as schools.

Use the community action planning toolkit to host anti-bullying events in your community and develop a comprehensive strategy for bullying prevention. Help raise awareness about bullying by arranging an anti-bullying event with SGT Push-up and/or purchase books that he hands out to children during his events.

Explore other Federal and Non-Federal resources that might help you in planning your bullying prevention work.

If you know or suspect bullying is taking place in the community, learn how to respond.


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