Ending Bullying and Childhood Hunger One Push-up at a Time

SGT Push-up (Patrick Parker), who is a decorated Army Combat Veteran, wants to do something special for our country. After leaving the Army, he has made it his mission to end bullying and childhood hunger and bring unity in our communities. He believes that America is a great nation and we should all work together and do something purposeful like help our children, who are our future.

Patrick began thinking of ways to continue is service to our country. He created an incredible movement that features his character SGT Push-up. SGT Push-up has several programs including the Million-Push-up Campaign and STOP I YOU WE COUNT.

The million-pushup campaign is designed to bring awareness to childhood hunger and bullying, as well as increase physical activity. SGT PUSHUP will get people moving through various forms of fitness like push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, hopscotch, and jump roping. He greets people throughout the community to work out, make a friend, and share his campaigns. Making a friend is a wonderful way to unite the country and end childhood hunger and bullying.

Another program is the STOP I YOU WE COUNT, which- A aims to create more cohesive relationships among friends, family members, peers, and especially strangers. “We have to learn how to set aside differences that we have with each other (nationality, financial status, and religious background). Our children will learn and lead our nation by the examples we set.”

These campaigns not only bring awareness to several important issues, but they also educate children (and adults) about bullying and raise money that he uses to buy books to give out to children during his events, and he also donates to food banks.

SGT Push-up has been featured in several news articles and on local television. You can Google SGT Push-up to find several articles and videos that discuss him and his mission. He also created a comic book that he gives out to children when he speaks with him. The comic book teaches children about bullying and encourages them to do the right thing. Individuals and companies purchase the books and donate them for SGT Push-up to distribute.

Patrick needs help to conduct his mission of ending childhood hunger and bullying and building stronger communities. Any help would be much appreciated! A shout-out during your events or on social media or bringing SGT Push-up to an event would help immensely. We are working hard to make SGT Push-up a household name so his programs will reach the most people possible. The more people who know about SGT Push-up and his mission, the more children we can help.

Please feel free to reach me at stopicount@gmail.com for more information.

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